About Us

Our Mission and Vision

When looking at the industry, we realized that all other reports in the industry look amazingly the same. They all look the same way because that is the way it has always been done. Reviewing and analyzing the report design may seem simple to many. But it is this attention to detail that Van puts into everything he does. Why change the report format? It makes sense to change the format, there are new options available now that were not available when these forms were initially created. Why not have interactive reporting formats? The purpose for the way every detail was analyzed was to better the processes, create a better reporting system. No games, no gimmicks, just accurate reports with all the proper documentation to support the report.

Our history

We have over 37 years experience

Van has been in the automotive industry full time since 1980, first working in repair shops in South Florida and then changing careers into the contract administration field and then into the inspection industry.

We provide technically accurate reports. Always.

Following the experience as a claim manager Van set out to create an inspection administrator that would provide technically accurate reports well within the industry acceptable timelines with all the required documentation and photographs to support the report.

Our analytical approach is unrivaled

Van has now created his own inspection agency Vanguard Vehicle Inspection Services, using his knowledge of the automotive repair industry, claims administration experience and his analytical approach has created an inspection agency that is unrivaled in the industry.

We have the original inspector training and certification program

Reinventing the process was just the beginning as Van then create the Inspector training and certification program that has been widely accepted into the industry. The training program helped the industry by providing a far superior and accurate report to the administrators which is what they all have been asking for.

Why Use Us?


With our in-house procedure’s, we offer quality that is unmatched in the industry. Excellent customer service to keep you updated on the status and report writing and reviewing to make sure you receive a technically accurate report.

Fast turn around

With our network of 1200 field inspectors we perform 94% of inspections within 24 hours. We will update you with all delays when they happen. Inspections done on time saves money and avoid delays.


ASE certified master technicians. A claims manager for a service contract administrator and have been mechanical inspectors. We have a unique insight and experience in the inspection industry.


We have the passion to make sure all reports are done to our rigid inspection standards. We want to make sure every inspection report has the required information for your adjuster to make the proper decision quickly.